Let There Be Light

From America to Uganda to Cape Town  – Alex’s life journey has not only led him across the vast Atlantic ocean, but into a vibrant faith and a fulfilling career bringing renewable energy to under-resourced areas.

Meet Alex Densmore

“Since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to travel and experience other cultures. In my heart there was a sense of purpose that I could not explain; a desire to not simply live a comfortable life but to live one of purpose. As a child I attended church services, mostly going through the motions because I felt it was just what I was supposed to do. At university my curiosity in the life of Christians I knew finally bore fruit and I decided to give my life to Christ. I learned fairness at a very early age through my father, who treated my brother and I fairly in everything we had and did – everything was shared between us equally and that’s the world I grew up in, fairness and justice.”

Alex and Melissa with their kids.

Though originally from the US, Alex holds a post-graduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Cape Town.

“I first came to Africa via Uganda, where I fell in love with the generous people and beautiful landscape. My wife Melissa and I half-joke about retiring to run a bed and breakfast on a tea plantation there. But for now, God has called us to serve him in Cape Town, where Melissa works as a lecturer at UCT.”

Alex strives to honour God through his vocation.

“My partners and I are working on delivering affordable renewable energy to underdeveloped communities here in Cape Town. Our first project is in Philippi, where we are expanding a pilot to serve 50 households. I am working with another partner to develop affordable solar home systems for SME’s in Nigeria.”

Alex working on his project in Philipi East.

Alex, together with his wife Melissa, were behind the establishment of Wynberg’s Social Justice Ministry.

“We wouldn’t have managed to get it off the ground without the support of Wynberg Common Ground’s leadership team and the congregation members who volunteered to partner with us; now we have a strong team which comprises individuals with different skills and abilities. For the moment we have passed on the reigns to a very capable and passionate couple to lead the team while we take time off to concentrate on our new born baby Clark.”