I had a Dream

This is a story of a daughter’s persistent prayer and of a Father’s faithfulness.

Last month, my husband and I took our three young daughters to Taiwan to visit our families because my dad had been diagnosed with cancer. Before the trip, I had a dream that I was baptising my dad. I’ve been praying for my family’s salvation for a long time, especially for my parents. Actually, I’ve been thanking God for their salvation ever since I heard one of our pastors preach that instead of praying for their salvation, we should thank God for it.

Whenever I visit my parents, I seek God for wisdom, topics of conversation, the right words, opportunities and hope, because I simply don’t know how and where to start. At night, after they go to bed, I pray for His presence to be with me because I know that only He can move their hearts.

There were so many things we couldn’t talk about. But God started to give me confidence and we had fruitful discussions about the prospect of a creator, our purpose in life and what happens after death – a subject which was taboo.

I joyfully shared with my dad that I will go to heaven after I die one day. He told me it was impossible! Then I told him again that I will go heaven and he can go too. He started to laugh and so did I. But the conversation was so God-led. I told my dad that through Christ he will go to heaven if he believes. To my eternal joy, my dad chose to believe. I was in tears and I baptised him in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

After the baptism, I assured my parents of God’s presence in their lives and that they need not worry but to be fervent in prayer.

My parents were so joyful whenever we spoke about God. And only God could have given them such joy.

The night before I left my home town, I called one of my sisters. She has many worries. After half an hour of speaking, she told me that her stress had lifted and that I had so much wisdom. I humbly told her that everything I have is from God and I challenged her to seek the one true God who can give her eternal hope. I knew at that moment a seed had been planted.

On the same trip, I also got the opportunity to encourage my brother to put his hope in God rather than in his son, which is the Taiwanese way. I shared with him that only God can fulfil the emptiness in his heart. His eyes were full of tears. I know God is at work.

Because of God’s leading, I also happened to find out that my nephew has a Christian girlfriend! Isn’t God full of beautiful surprises?!