“Breaking” Away

Sweet Valley Primary holds a Bible Week each year, a few weeks after Easter. For the past few years, Common Ground (in collaboration with a few other local churches) have done all they can to maximize this opportunity to really bring some of the Bible’s truths to life.

Straight after the 2018 Bible Week, a small team from Constantiaberg Common Ground launched ‘Breakaway’ – a weekly gathering at break-times for kids from Grade 4 to 6 who are interested in finding out more about God and the Bible. Soon, between 90 and 120 children were attending, and the Grade 3’s were begging to be part of the set-up too! Now, Breakaway is split over two breaks – with the first break being for Grade 3 and 4 and second break for Grades 5 and 6. Up to 90 kids attend at each session.

During one of these sessions, the leaders felt led to ask if anyone would like to get to know God as their Father for the first time or perhaps to get to know him better. Sixty-two children responded to this and twelve of them requested Bibles as they did not have access to one. Soon after, each of these children received their very own Bible.

But this is not where the story ends! One of the children was so enthusiastic about reading their (new) Bible that her older sister became interested and started reading it with her. The older sister soon approached her parents, requesting her own Bible as she wanted to underline, highlight and write notes without defacing her little sister’s Bible. This big sister has now started studying the Bible all on her own and has since joined the Christian Union at her high school.

We thank God for continuing to let us collaborate with him in the most exciting adventures of all… spreading his good news and delighting in its fruit.