Through the Valley

My name is Palesa Mzozoyana, and I am a living testimony of God’s healing power, goodness and faithfulness.

In late November of 2017, I was admitted to hospital and quickly transferred to High Care for septic shock, low blood pressure, an ongoing fever and tachycardia (rapid heartrate). I developed pneumonia, acute renal failure and suspected encephalitis. I required intubation for about 5 days, and remained unable to walk for a prolonged period of time while I still required high doses of oxygen. Following this, I developed further sepsis with a highly resistant bacterial infection. I had difficulty with mobility and eventually developed some muscle contractures too. An MRI in early January 2018 showed muscle atrophy, and I was transferred to Newlands Nurture Step-Down.

More doctors, more hospital visits and further MRI’s confirmed more complications – among them myelopathy (a spinal cord disorder), likely as a result of encephalitis.

In total, I was in ICU for 5 weeks, on a ventilator for 3 weeks and bedridden for 6 months. By then doctors had given up on my life, but God had not; it wasn’t my time to pass on. I believe it is a miracle that I am still alive.

When I came out of hospital, I decided to visit Common Ground, Bosch PM. It felt homely because everyone was so friendly. I grew closer to God, and I joined a Life Group. Through my Life Group I was encouraged to get baptized. For years I had been debating whether I should or should not get baptized, and then it dawned upon me that all that had happened to me was for a reason. Getting sick didn’t steer me away from my Father, it brought me closer. It gave me more hope.

Now, I wake up every morning grateful that I am still alive.

My advice to anyone who is reading this is that God has a plan. Never stop fighting for your life because at the end of your battle there is a greater life made by Him for you. 

Palesa Mzozyana
Palesa Mzozoyana