We believe that stories are powerful.

Real, simply-told stories of people’s lives and day-to-day lessons. Some make us realise we are not alone, others inspire us to aim higher or just to keep going, and still others remind us of God’s ever-present faithfulness no matter the season of life. Strung up together, side by side, they tell a collective story of undeniable love and trans-formative grace.

These are the stories shared with us from people in Common Ground’s ten congregations. 

Our hope is that they would bring us together, despite our widespread-ness and also play a small role in filling the city with the life, fame and message of Christ – uniquely on display in every story and life written here.

Feel free to share any of these stories and if you would like to contact us, please do so by emailing commonstories@commongroundchurch.co.za.

For more about Common Ground Church, please visit www.commonground.co.za.